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Chemical composition


Like all the succulents, Aloe gathers a high percentage of water within, in fact 95.5% of the plant is water, and only 5% is composed of other solid elements. This is crucial to explain the amazing Aloe’s therapeutic power, because water is the ideal vehicle in which all the rest of biologically active substances are dissolved.

aloe vera Chemical composition


  • Vitamin A: Retinol.
  • Vitamin B1: Thiamine.
  • Vitamin B2: Riboflavin.
  • Vitamin B3: Niacin.
  • Vitamin B5: Pantothenic Acid.
  • Vitamin B6: Pyridoxine.
  • Vitamin B9: Folic Acid.
  • Vitamin B12: Cyanocobalamin - Central nervous system maintenance..
  • Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid.
  • Vitamin D: Calciferol.
  • Vitamin E: Tocopherol.

Mineral salts and oligoelements

Aloe is rich in mineral salts and oligoelements, amongst which we can highlight:
  • Iron: Essential blood component.
  • Calcium: The most abundant mineral found in the human body.
  • Phosphor: Plays a very important role in the growth protein synthesis.
  • Magnesium: Covers different metabolic functions and plays an important role in energy production and delivery.
  • Manganese: It is an important component in certain enzymes constitution.
  • Chromium: Indispensable for fats and carbohydrates metabolism.
  • Copper: Contributes to form red corpuscles and contributes to maintain blood vessels, nerves, immunological system and bones.
  • Zinc: Stimulates the immunological system, it is an anti-inflammatory and powers sexual appetite.
  • Selenium: Essential element to integer enzymes.
  • Silicon: Performs the important function of stimulating bone and cartilage cell formation.
  • Germanium: Anti-tumor agent. All three plants containing germanium are considered miraculous:Aloe Vera, Ging-Seng and Shitake snuff.

Amino acids

Aloe supplies 19 out of 22 amino acids needed by human body, 8 of which are essential and our body is incapable to synthesize them, we require external sources.

Mono & poly saccharides

Protect the lining of the stomach and intestine, increase defenses and keep hydrated tissues


Natural laxatives, powerful anti-biotics and anti virals.


Soluble vegetable substances, natural detergents with anti-septic and anti-biotic attributes.


Have the capability to inhibit cholesterol absorption, thus reducing the risk of coronary disease. It acts as liver protection and anti-viral.


It controls and prevents some cancer types from spreading.


It regulates the intestinal mucous function.


It helps to heal stomach and duodenum ulcer, decreases acidity.


Neutralizes microbial toxins effect.

aloe vera Chemical composition



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